A bicycling & social club that usually rides multiple times per week out of Grayson, GA. Our goals are fun, fitness and camaraderie.

We like to take local and neighborhood routes staying away from cars and traffic as much as possible. We are ‘rider friendly’ to virtually all skill levels and welcome guest riders as well as beginners.

Ride Groups form according to skill level and all but the very top group will ride in a ‘no drop’ format.


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Disclaimer about these rides (It's our system, sorry to have to do this)

These are informal group rides - A group of friends getting together to ride. If you participate, you are taking 100% responsibility for your own safety at all times, the safety of your bike, and for getting home, should you have a mechanical issue or somehow are separated from the group. Please don't ever just "follow the group or the rider in front of you". At all times, make sure that the actions you are taking are safe for you.

Also if you participate, you are taking 100% responsibility for your own choices regarding traffic laws. If you choose to participate in these rides, you agree to hold organizers and other riders harmless and indemnify them in case of injury etc.

Some examples: Don't ever just follow the group or a rider when you cross a street. The safety of the situation, with an oncoming car, could change immediately. Be totally responsible for watching the route/path you are taking. Watch out for holes, cracks and debris.

Always wear a helmet, and we strongly suggest front and rear lights. Make sure your bike is always in safe working order, including tires that are fully inflated